After June 2018 I will not be teaching or lecturing. I do plan to publish and sell new patterns. I will be putting up videos to show how I like to contruct my patterns. Stay tuned! If you would like to subscribe to my Doodle Press newsletter and be notified about these new changes, please sign up here.

I have project workshops and technique workshops. There is an option to download a PDF, which includes a description, supply list, and photo. 

3-D Explosion... two day workshop

Would you like to create your own art quilt, but not sure where to start? Learn to draw curved lines and choose fabrics to create an explosion of the third dimension- depth! Then construct your new creation and get suggestions for the quilting design to enhance the illusion. My quilt Scrolls in the photo above is the inspiration for this two day workshop. Supply List is for the two day workshop. Supply List 2 is for the three-five day workshop.

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Supply List

Supply List 2

Build-A-Bloom...6 hour workshop

We are going to design and build our own flowers with crazy attitude! They are carefree, easy to draw and easy to fuse. I'll show you how I draw my crazy blooms and you'll have a blast designing your own pattern!



Supply List for Build-A-Bloom

Jazzy Jewels... half day or full day workshop

Jazzy Jewels is an easy quilt design that requires no templates to cut out and no pins to sew! You’ll end up with a smile and blocks at the end of class that are fun to make and easy to sew.

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Supply List

Lecture: So, You Want To Make an Art Quilt?!

Would you like some inspiration to get started making art quilts? Are you afraid that itís too hard and only gifted people can make art quilts? Then this lecture is for you! I will talk about how to get started making art quilts from a traditional stand point and work my way up to making the giant art quilts like the 3-D Explosion series. I will discuss art fabrics and techniques to make them as well as show samples. This is a trunk show if you are within driving distance!

Mosaic Madness.... 6 hour workshop

Here is a class that doesn't require a sewing machine! We'll be having fusible fun and I will share some bits of information about color while we spend the day creating the blocks for this mosaic quilt. Optional: Bring your sewing machines if you can't resist. If one shows up, I will demonstrate free motion quilting and binding by machine.

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Supply List

Radiant Suns... 6 hour workshop

The color secret to making suns radiate will be revealed in this workshop! Blocks are created using curved seam piecing. But fear not, a no-pin method will make these seams a cinch!


Radiant Suns Supply List

Ribbon Riot...6 hour workshop

Big ribbons are coming to the party!

Brightly colored fabrics on a black background make your ribbons pop. Machine appliqué makes the sewing easy and fun.


Ribbon Riot Supply List

Scroll A Luscious...6 hour workshop

Create 3-D Wrapping Paper Scrolls! In class we will talk a little about color and why this design looks three dimensional. We'll use this pattern you see in the photograph with your own fabrics. I'll teach you machine applique with freezer paper templates. This technique works for anything your mind can think of in a quilt design.


SUPPLY LIST for Scroll A Luscious

Twirling Twister

Ribbons twirl and float in this fun quilt design! These ribbons are made using gradations in this project workshop. Machine applique makes sewing these ribbons fun and easy. Partial seam piecing is a sneaky piecing method to add modern floating rectangles and squares.

Supply List

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Voluptuous Applique Design Workshop...6 hour workshop

Create your own original block design! Learn to design your own blocks with wild curvy seams. Freezer paper, glue and invisible thread are some of our tools. A light box creates transparency. Color gradations can make amazing impact!


Supply list for Voluptuous Applique Workshop

X Marks the Spot

Mark your circle with an "X"! Or rotate the circles a little and you have crosses instead. You can even mix it up! Machine applique with freezer paper templates makes this fun pattern easy to create. In a perfect world this quilt is about 51"W x 65"H.


Supply List for X Marks the Spot