Here are a few sites I enjoy and find useful.

Artists you might like.

    Barbara Olson
    Carol Larson
    Colleen Granger
    Gloria Hansen
    Karla Alexander
    Laura Wasilowski
    Paula Nadelstern
    Shag art
    Studio Art Quilts Associates
For the serious and want-to-be-serious art quilter. This is an international group of art quilters. Here in Northern California we have a couple of local groups that get together on a regular basis.


Games you might like.

    A Snowflake Maker
    Kalider and Liquib software
    Paint in the Jackson Pollock style with your computer!
Move your mouse around to paint. Click to change paint colors. This is fun!

    The Red Square
You move the red square around without hitting anything else. My best time is 17.84 seconds. Go for it!

    This one is fun, but obnoxious. If you don't like it, I don't want to know.
    Voronoi Diagram / Delaunay Triangulation

People who make me look good.

Web site design and hosting. Gloria Hansen and Derry Thompson of GloDerWorks are very talented, professional and a joy to work with.

    Gregory Case of Gregory Case Photography
Gregory photographed all but one quilt for my book 3-D Explosion. He uses a top-notch digital camera and does a fabulous job. I highly recommend him.