Free Pattern

Doodle Flower Pattern

© 2006 by Cara Gulati for Doodle Press

This pattern uses a variation of my logo to make petals of a flower. There are two variations, a simple design that has 7 petals and a larger design with 14 petals. Notice the subtle change in color on the outside petals of the larger design. By switching the red and the orange color positions, the petals have a darker look on the outside.

Use the applique method you like the best. Fusing is the fastest. If you want to use machine applique, try the method outlined in my book 3-D Explosion.

Click here to download a PDF of the template for the pattern. You can shrink it down or blow it up to suit yourself. In the middle of each flower design is a circle. There is no template for that, just decide how big you want it to be. This is your design decision and you get to do what you want to!

Click here to download a three-page PDF for a colored template and layouts. The first page is the template in color. The second page has the simple color design layout with 7 petals (shown above on the right). The third page has the larger design layout with 14 petals (shown above on the left).

I hope you have fun with this! I like the design because it tricks the eye. Everyone will call you a genius when you show them your new quilt!

And please send me photos for the web site, I would love to put them up.